How the Vmarker sensor works...

The Vmarker™ solution is a very economic solution to transform your computer with projector(beamer) into a real Interactive Whiteboard.
The solution uses Infrared technology to achieve this. Beside of the computer and projector(beamer) you need the Vmarker IR-sensor USB™ and an IR-pen. The most simple IR-pen is an IR-LED that you connect to a battery of 1.5V interrupted by a push button.

The Vmarker IR-sensor UBS™ is connected to a USB port of a computer. The OS (Windows and Linux) will recognise the device as a normal HID device(mouse and keyboard). No need to install any driver software. You aim the Vmarker IR-sensor USB to the projection screen. The position of an IR-pen(IR dot) on the projected-image, is translated into the position of the mouse cursor on the screen.

When setting up the Vmarker IR-sensor USB at first calibration is necessary. The calibration is stored in the sensor itself. Recalibration is only necessary again if the position of the Vmarker IR-sensor USB™ compared to the projected- image is changed.
To calibrate the sensor you'll have to put the sensor in calibration-mode, next you have to point the IR pen to the four corners of the screen.
After calibration the IR pen is synchronised with the position of the mouse cursor on the screen.


What do you need?

What do you need to make an interactive whiteboard with use of a Vmarker?

Of course you need a Vmarker IR-sensor USB and an IR-pen.

Then you need a computer with one available USB port. With use of a projector the image of the computers is projected onto a screen or a white surface, a white wall for example.

You connect the Vmarker IR-sensor to the available USB-port. After calibration of the sensor you can interact with the computer from the projected image or if you use a Vmarker pen even from a distance!!!


  • The Vmarker™ is software independent. No need to install software not even a driver.
  • The Vmarker runs on Linux and Windows.
  • You can use the Vmarker on any surface you can project on.
  • You only need to calibrate once: the calibration data is stored in the Vmarker™ itself, if you connect it to a different computer, you do not have to recalibrate.
  • With the Vmarker pen  you get more functionality than any other interactive whiteboard.
  • The Vmarker supports up to 4 IR-pens simultaneously, so multi-touch is supported.
  • The Vmarker™ is compact, you can you can easily carry with you in your laptop bag..

Vmarker extra's

When using the IR-pens from Vmarker™ together with the Vmarker IR-sensor USB™ a lot of extra features are available:

  • All the Vmarker pens are equiped with a right-mouse-button besides the left-mouse-button. You can call the contextmenu in a lot of applications.
  • It is possible to use the left- and right-mouse-button from a remote distance, out of direct sighting of the sensor. This allows you to control a presentation for example.
  • With the Vmarker pe it is possible to move the mouse cursor from remote. This is made possible by the integrated Gyro. With an activated GYRO it is possible to move the cursor by moving the IR-pen from remote, from the back of the classroom for example.
  • The Vmarker pen also has a tip-switch. You can generate a left-click by touching the surface.