What's Vmarker?

With Vmarker™ we want to offer the best solution to transform your computer with projector into a interactive digital whiteboard. With an interactive whiteboard you can control te computer directly from the projected image, you do no need to go to your keyboard or mouse.

With the Vmarker solutions you are able to write on the whiteboard without actually writing with ink, thus virtual. Hence the name Vmarker™[vimarker], a shortening of virtual marker.

Beside of the Vmarker sensor USB we have developed our selfs, we also offer an interactive whiteboard, with the interactivity build in the edges of the whiteboard.

All solutions we offer have the same important advantages:

  • budget friendly
  • standard HID-device, no driver install needed
  • simple calibration, the calibration is stored in the device not on the computer
  • mutli-touch
  • OS support: Windows and Linux