Vmarker mobile set

This set contains the Vmarker sensor II™, the Vmarker pen II™, a USB cable and a mini-tripod.
With this set you can add interactivity to your projection. The sensor captures IR-dots and translates the position directly to mouse-coordinates.
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Description du produit

The Vmarker sensor II™ detects up to 4 IR-dots simultaneously.
The Vmarker sensor supports left- and right-mouse-button(1), remote control(1), mouse hover(1), cursormovement control from remote.(1) and of course multitouch.
It will also handle IR-pens compatible with wii-mote.


  • Vmarker sensor II™
  • Vmarker pen II™ (black or white*)
  • tripod
  • USB cable 3m
  • 2x AAA

*To order a white Vmarker pen in stead of the black, just fill in the special request when ordering.

(1)Only available with Vmarker pen II™.

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