Vmarker pen


The Vmarker pen is an cpu controlled IR-pen.

The IR pen has  3 double action switches: on in the tip and two on the side.

Further more it has a 3 axis accelero sensor, a 3 axis magnetic sensor and a 3 axis gyro sensor to be able to detect a variaty of human interaction. The Vmarker pen has an IR-LED in the tip to communicate with the IR-sensor.



Hardware: Vmarker pen


Software: Vmarker IR pen firmware




  • STM32F100C8T6, 24MHz ARM Cortex M3 wtih 64kByte FLASH and 8kByte RAM
  • LSM303DHLC, 3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer module
  • L3GD20, low-power three-axis angular rate sensor