Vmarker IR-sensor USB


The Vmarker IR-sensor has an cmos 'ir-sensor' with integrated blob detection, the information of this camera is received by an processor whitch after processing can send the informatio through a USB connector to a computer.

Beside of the cmos IR-sensor also an 38kHz IR-receiver is integrated. This enables to detect special IR-codes send by the IR-pen to enable extra functionality.



Hardware: Vmarker IR-sensor USB


Software: Vmarker Sensor Firmware




  • STM32F103RBT, 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 with 128kByte Flash and 16kByte RAM
  • PAC7010L, 1024x768 200Hz Object detection sensor with uart interface
  • AP7333, 3.3 Volt regulator
  • TSOP39338, 38kHz IR receiver